Studio Policies


Lessons take place weekly from September 4, 2018 to June 20, 2019.

Tuition Payments

Monthly Tuition Paymentsare based on a FULL SCHOOL YEARamount divided by 10 to provide for easy monthly installments. Consequently, some months will have more weeks of lessons than other months, but the monthly tuition payment remains the same.Payments may be made by cash, cheque, Visa/MasterCard, or Interac e-Transfer. Credit card payments will be charged an extra 3%. NSF cheques will incur a $25 fee.

Supplemental Materials Fee

This is a fee of $15 per year, per student, and covers incidentals associated with teaching. This fee will cover items such as photocopying, printed materials and games to use during lessons, downloading music and worksheets from the Internet, loan of music books to students, and incentive programs. The materials fee does not pay for the student’s lesson books or theory books. The materials fee is not optional.

Practice Expectations

Music lessons are successful only if a student is practicing their pieces at home, in a focused and guided manner.Having a regular, uninterrupted time for practice is essential. Our job as teachers is to be inspiring, enthusiastic, and to choose repertoire to strengthen skills. The student’s job is to take it from there, and be as prepared and enthusiastic at lessons as they can be. Practicing shouldn’t be onerous, and each teacher (Janice, Trudy, Karla) has our own suggestions for practice duration and frequency.

Illness and the piano

The piano is a shared instrument, and illness can be easily passed from student to student. Students are expected to wash their hands before each lesson. Students who are ill are asked to not attend lessons.If your child is continually coughing or sneezing, do not bring them to lessons. Note:We reserve the right to cut short any lesson if a student is ill with symptoms of a cough, cold, or flu.

Makeup Lessons

We offer group makeup lessons for student who miss their lessons:

If a student needs to miss a lesson:  

· A total of two (2) group makeup lessons are available for each student for the teaching year (September to June). 

· If a group makeup lesson is missed by the student, the lesson is forfeited.

· We do not provide refunds for missed lessons.

If the teacher needs to miss a lesson:

· A group makeup lesson will be available for the student, and will notcount towards the student’s two allowed makeup lessons.

Studio Protocol

· Please be sure your child’s nails are short and their hands are clean/washed before lesson time.

· Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in the studio for lessons to finish, provided that they are quiet. 

· Children/parents are expected to put away toys after playing with them.

· Please be prompt when picking up your children. We are not able to provide child supervision for children left unattended. 

Non-Lesson Days

Please refer to the Piano Time Lessons Calendar for information on non-lesson days, holidays, etc.  

Terminating Lessons

· Students/Parents are asked to provide written or verbal notice if they need to quit lessons. 

· We reserve the right to withdraw a student from lessons based on chronic non-practicing, lack of interest, poor attitude and/or behaviour, numerous missed lessons, or difficult parents.


One Spring Recital will be held in May 2018. There is no charge to participate in the recital.